New rules for new stages and new situations.

>> Sunday, 4 April, 2010

Human beings are the known best living creatures of the universe. Only they think about the activities of the universe. How it came in existence. How it runs? What is its constitution? Human think on many other questions searches the answers. But what they got? The human got that everything in the universe is controlled by certain rules. No one can avoid these rules. Now we know these rules as Physical Law or the law of nature.

The law of nature is behind the each and every activity in the universe. The existence of everything depends on the law of nature. Human discovered many rules of the law of nature and used them in the life. Knowledge of these rules empowered him to utilize the nature in his favor.

All other things except living creatures are deadly controlled by the rules of nature. But the living creatures act themselves to protect their life. They make organizations. The human society is a type of this organization. This organization has its own rules to behave. These are not natural. We can say it the man made law. It is essential for the existence of the society.
Unlike physical law the rules of this law are not perpetual. In the history of human society always they are changing according to situations. Itself, human society is a developing organization and needs new rules for new stages and new situations. So, the legislatures are always busy to make new rules for the society.


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